The Ozzfest had some pretty outrageous acts over the years, but which ones made the "naughty list?" The topic came up during a recent episode of The Osbournes Podcast, and a couple of names got tossed around.

Who Was the Naughtiest Ozzfest Band?

Though they didn't go into any details, almost simultaneously Jack and Kelly Osbourne cited Snot as the band who should take the title, though Sharon Osbourne seemed a little more surprised at that response.

While there might have been more that caused Jack and Kelly's immediate response, Snot vocalist Lynn Strait was charged with indecent exposure after the band's Mansfield, Massachusetts stop on the 1998 Ozzfest.

He received a misdemeanor charge after he emerged from Limp Bizkit's toilet prop -- a specially made 13 foot tall porcelain apparatus the band uses as part of its show -- stark naked.

Editor's Note: NSFW Account Below

As bandmate Mikey Doling told it to Knotfest, "Lynn had a bright idea… I’m front row watching Limp Bizkit, and all of a sudden out of the toilet comes Lynn Strait, no shirt on, giant Snot sticker across his whole chest!"

"He comes all the way out and he’s got that chick- the one who’s dealing out blow jobs on the tour, with a doggy chain around her neck. He pulls her up on the toilet rim and he’s butt naked bro. Lynn’s totally naked and she blew him in front of 22,000 people!"

"So the police and the security come running out on the stage, and Lynn runs down the back… gets his clothes and runs backstage into Ozzy Osbourne’s dressing room and locks the door behind him!"

As it turns out, Strait then lied to the officers about his identity claiming to be Dave Mustaine. But once the report was filed, the officers quickly determined he wasn't Mustaine and according to Doling another charge was added for lying. "After we got home from the Ozzfest, he was getting documents from the state of Massachusetts that he had to come to court and Lynn was trying to fight it with a lawyer long distance from California," recalled Doling.

Who Else Made the Ozzfest "Naughty List"?

Kelly Osbourne offered up Marilyn Manson. "Marilyn Manson was pretty bad with the trashing of the dressing rooms." Jack Osbourne concurred that Manson destroyed "a lot of dressing rooms," before adding later that he partook in some of the mayhem himself.

Sharon Osbourne noted, "You know what, I told him from the beginning, 'You play you pay.' So if you want to pay to get the dressing rooms redone, it's fine, go ahead do it. And he did. He paid for everyone and just carried on doing it."

After Jack made his admission of joining Manson in destroying the dressing room, Sharon concluded, "Thank you very much Jack for telling us and thank you Marilyn for paying us."

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Ozzfest ran as a near annual festival between the years of 1996 and 2018, though it eventually scaled back from a full touring festival to more single destination locales in its more recent years. Marilyn Manson was first added to the bill in 1997, the second year of operation, while Snot played the second stage on the 1998 lineup. Sadly Snot disbanded after the death of singer Lynn Strait in a late 1998 car accident.

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