Mick Jagger is no stranger to taking the piss – as the British idiom goes – out of himself and others on Saturday Night Live, as the Rolling Stones frontman has participated in numerous sketches over the past 40-plus years. Last night (Oct. 21), however, he made perhaps two of his most unexpected and amusing appearances to date, and both have to be seen to be believed.

The episode – hosted by Bad Bunny and also featuring an unexpected drop-in from Lady Gaga – was full of memorable moments, yet it’s hard to deny that Jagger stole the show.

The first skit – “Telenovela” – sees Bad Bunny and various cast members satirizing Spanish-language soap operas. Per People, and to the audience’s deafening applause, Jagger suddenly pops up as “a Spanish soap opera actor filming an episode in which his villainous character repeatedly slaps his brother in the face. . . . [He] enters in a white suit and wearing a fake mustache and shockingly revealed to be the two men’s father.”

Near the end of the episode, Jagger and Bad Bunny return for a spoof of the Sister Act franchise called “Convent Meeting” / “Sister Act 3: Kevin Gone Wild!” In it, several Sisters (including Bad Bunny’s Sister Teresa) gather to discuss the possibility of “a man posing as a nun [and] hiding amongst us in order to sleep with other nuns.”

After they share less-than-worried reactions – to say the least – Jagger (as Sister Kevin) creeps out from the entranceway in full attire, gloating: “Fine, I confess. It was me! I was the one who corrupted these poor women with my lips and my hips, and I was the one who rang the bell with my penis and yelled, ‘Ding dong!’”

Where do the sketches go from there? Well, you’ll just have to scroll down and watch both clips to find out.

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Obviously, Jagger took part in last night’s Saturday Night Live episode to help promote The Rolling Stones’ latest studio LP, Hackney Diamonds, which was released this past Friday (Oct. 20) via Polydor Records. The follow-up to 2016’s Blue & Lonesome, it features guest contributions from Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Stevie Wonder and former bassist Bill Wyman. You can grab your copy here.

In related news, Jagger’s 6-year-old son – Deveraux "Dev" Octavian Basil Jagger – was caught dancing at Guns N’ Roses’ June 30 show at London’s Hyde Park. Loudwire also included The Rolling Stones in our recent list of The Rock + Metal Artists Who Have Sold the Most Tickets (Five Million or More).

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