Incredibly, Kid Rock recently recalled a time he went drunk snowmobiling with Metallica's Lars Ulrich, and the subsequent warning he received for James Hetfield, Ulrich's longtime foil in Metallica

It all had to do with karma, Rock related, seeing as how Hetfield apparently thought the snow cruising he was doing with Ulrich was a little too dangerous — for Kid Rock, anyway.

But the bad karma, according to Rock, was reserved for Hetfield. The "Bawitdaba" singer suggested the Metallica frontman would injure himself when participating in such activities with Rock.

Kid Rock's Metallica Snowmobile Story

"We met when we were doing festivals in Europe years ago," Kid Rock begins of his encounters with Metallica. "Lars came on the bus to meet me and hang out. They're really good guys."

Rock recalls, "I remember me and Lars on snowmobiles one New Year's Eve a few years ago, no shirts on, shit-faced, driving through a pasture. Me telling Hetfield this story, and him sitting me down and telling me to be careful, 'cause we'll do this and crash through a fence and Lars'll be fine and I'll die, 'cause that's the karma Lars has around him."

He adds, "Every time me and Hetfield go out … we went wakeboarding and he fucked his back up. He came over to my house to ride motorcycles, I wasn't even there, and he hit a fence and knocked himself out. So for him I reckon I'm the bad karma."

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Talk about a good time, if not a somewhat ominous one. In the same interview, Rock also shared stories from his times hanging out with Scott Stapp, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Axl Rose, Fred Durst and several more. Read all Kid Rock's recollections here.

Metallica + Kid Rock Concerts

These days, Metallica continue to spread their M72 World Tour across the globe, with dates for 2024 in Europe, the U.S., Canada and Mexico. They released their new album 72 Seasons in April.

Kid Rock's 12th studio effort, Bad Reputation, emerged last year. He co-headlines Rock the Country in the U.S. this spring and summer.

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