The ongoing feud between Journey guitarist Neal Schon and keyboardist Jonathan Cain seemingly won’t end any time soon. Just weeks after the two went back-and-forth over Cain’s recent appearance at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, Schon has now alleged that Trump’s spiritual advisor (and Cain’s wife), televangelist Paula White-Cain, unlawfully accessed Journey’s bank account.

As reported by the New York Post, she is “being accused of allegedly giving herself access to the . . . accounts without Schon’s knowledge or consent, according to a Dec. 12 letter from Schon’s attorney.” The New York Post also claims that they received financial statements revealing that White-Cain's “signature has appeared on purported Journey-related bank documents since at least July 2020.”

Schon’s related cease-and-desist letter to White-Cain reads:

We have learned that despite the prior mutual agreement between Mr. Schon and Mr. Jonathan Cain that the business of the band and the Journey Related Entities would be handled only by Mr. Schon and Mr. Cain as individuals, your name appears as an authorized signatory on the City National Bank accounts of Freedom JN LLC. We further demand that you immediately cease and desist and refrain in the future from inserting yourself in any business of the band and any legal entities used by the band as this contradicts the existing agreement between Mr. Schon and Mr. Cain.

Specifically, Schon requested that White-Cain remove herself from Journey’s accounts by Dec. 27, 2022.

In an “exclusive statement” made to the New York Post, White-Cain’s attorney – Alan Gutman – “warned the public to stop believin’ Schon’s ‘nonsensical’ claim,” adding:

Neal’s attorney recommended Neal and Jonathan own their respective 50% interests in the band’s operating entities through their personal trusts. Paula is a co-trustee of Jonathan’s personal trust, therefore, Jonathan and Paula signed as the co-trustees of Jonathan’s personal trust. But that never would have happened if Neal’s lawyer had not recommenced it.

When Neal finally complained (and we do not need to explain the real reason why he started complaining, which had nothing to do with fact that Paula was co-trustee of Jonathan’s trust or listed on any papers), Jonathan offered to have his ownership interest transferred from his personal trust to him personally. While that offer would have resolved the issue, Neal refuses to cooperate in any resolution, once again demonstrating that the claim is entirely pretextual.

Whether or not White-Cain has removed herself from the accounts remains unknown.

In happier news, Journey are still set to hit the road for their 50th anniversary tour (with co-founding member Gregg Rolie returning for the first time since being replaced by Cain in 1980). You can view the full list of their “Freedom Tour” tour dates (which will also include support from Toto) here, as well as purchase tickets here.

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