When a couple loves metal, it only seems fitting that the music would somehow be laced into their relationship. A couple got engaged last weekend during a death metal mosh pit at Denmark's Copenhell Festival, and the crowd started a wall of death hugs after in celebration.

At the start of the video, which was uploaded to Instagram by Copenhell, the couple is in the center of the mosh pit during Danish band Strychnos' set as everyone on the outside patiently awaits. It's unclear who the couple was, but Copenhell's post notes that the video was originally taken by someone named Dan Ihjel, who also shared it on their Instagram.

The band wasn't performing at the start of the video, so we're unsure whether the musicians knew what was about to take place or not. As the man got down on one knee, the crowd cheered, and his partner covered her face in shock before nodding "yes." Once the couple hugged, another person joined in on the love, and encouraged everyone else to do so as well. Thus, a wall of death hugs was created as the band started up their set again.

"We wish the happy couple a STORT TILLYKKE ("Congratulations," via Google Translate] from the whole COPENHELL team!" the festival wrote as the caption.

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"AWWW THEY DID A WALL OF HUGS I FKN LOVE METALHEADS," one person commented on the video.

"The most romantic Wall of Death!" added another.

Congrats to the couple! Check out the clip for yourself below.

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