Bruce Dickinson will be hitting the road without the services of guitarist Roy Z, but two new touring guitarists have been added to his solo lineup.

Roy Z. has been an integral part to Dickinson's solo ventures. He's played guitars, bass and keyboards on tours and aside from Dickinson, he's been the longest tenured member of the Iron Maiden singer's solo band starting back in the '90s. Roy Z. also produced Dickinson's latest album, The Mandrake Project, which is due March 1.

"Sadly, and with regret, guitarist and producer Roy Z. will no longer joine the band on tour due to some personal commitments," explained Dickinson. "He will remain in L.A. to work on some re-mixing and re-mastering of the catalogue. We all know the show must go on though, and this project is too important to everyone to not be the best it can be."

"I'm gutted about Roy because he assemelbed most of the album and touring band, introducing Mistheria and Dave Moreno to the project and mentoring guitarist Chris Declerq," added Dickinson.

As the singer tipped, Declerq, who played on the current single, "Rain on the Graves," is one of two additions to the touring lineup. The other is Swedish born guitarist, songwriter and multi-platinum credited producer Philip Naslund. They join the previously mentioned Dave Moreno and Mistheria as well as bassist Tanya O'Callaghan.

"I’m so excited about what both Philip and Chris will bring on stage together and now my only ambition is to grab a little piece of the audiences’ hearts every night,” says Dickinson of the two new additions.

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Dickinson will take his show on the road starting April 15 at The Observatory in Orange County, California. Tickets will go on sale to the general public this coming Tuesday (Feb. 20) at 10AM PT.

“We’re not afraid of doing some growing up in public,” explains Dickinson. “So this show will be a close to a rehearsal as you can get – it’s exciting to think what these musicians can do – and will do, when there are over one thousand fans in the room!”

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