Which bands most sound like Breaking Benjamin?

The Benjamin Burnley-led band have amassed one of the more dedicated fanbases in rock that have stuck with the group through lineup changes and some lengthy breaks between albums. It's been a while since their last studio album in 2018 and for those needing a fix, we're here to give you some other options until Breaking Benjamin return with their next studio album.

So, for those looking for something similar, we've got 10 recommendations of others acts similar is sound and style to Breaking Benjamin that could scratch your itch.

The Big Ones


It's probably no surprise that RED came up plenty in discussion of bands in the same vein as Breaking Benjamin. There's been enough overlap between the two acts. As one fan noted on Reddit, Breaking Benjamin's Ben Burnley was a co-writer on the song "Shadows." Plus, former RED guitarist Jasen Rauch now performs with Breaking Benjamin.

In multiple Reddit threads, fans brought up RED more than any other group. The albums Feed the Machine and the Until We Have Faces were both shouted out by fans.


The other most shouted out band on Reddit threads looking for bands similar to Breaking Benjamin would be Starset. And much like Red, there's some crossover. Breaking Benjamin's guitarist Keith Wallen has co-written music for Starset.

It should be noted that there were also numerous mentions of Starset singer Dustin Bates' previous band, Downplay, as well. "Starset is similar in a way and my favorite songs from them is 'Monster,'" noted one fan on Reddit. Others shouted out "Bringing It Down" and "Unbecoming" as being "very BB-esque." One of the commenters noted that Starset was "a bit more spacey music" than Breaking Benjamin, but enough people seemed to notice a similarity in style.

The Name Bands


Chevelle was a frequently referenced band in the vein of Breaking Benjamin. The Loeffler siblings have certainly crafted a sound over their history, one that one fan noted on Reddit seemed to go "hand in hand" with Breaking Benjamin. Songs such as "I Get It" and "The Clincher" were both shouted out as recommendations for Breaking Benjamin fans looking for something similar. "Breaking Benjamin makes me appreciate Chevelle more and vice versa," noted one fan of both groups.


Both fans on Reddit and Spotify pulled up Seether as a similar band to Breaking Benjamin. The Shaun Morgan-led group seemingly came up through the ranks over the same time span as Breaking Benjamin, and fans were quick to note that Seether's post-grunge sounds mirrored a bit of what Breaking Benjamin does.

One fan on Reddit noted, "Saturate and We Are Not Alone remind me a lot of Seether with the deep monotone."

Three Days Grace

Three Days Grace often come up with Breaking Benjamin Spotify recommendations, and fans also appear to be on board with comparisons to these bands that both broke out around the same time. "I can recommend Three Days Grace with either Adam or Matt singing," noted one fan on Reddit. It should also be mentioned that Adam Gontier's other band, Saint Asonia, received some mentions as well.

Songs such as "Fallen Angel" and "Riot" were mentioned as Three Days Grace songs that fall in the Breaking Benjamin vibe.

10 Years

10 Years actually preceded Breaking Benjamin as a recording band, but fans still seem to have found some similarities between the two groups. Most are pointing to the group's standout 2005 set, The Autumn Effect, which helped put 10 Years on the map.

Songs ranging from "Novocaine" and "Shoot It Out" all the way through the breakout single "Wasteland" have garnered recommendations for fans looking for something similar to Breaking Benjamin.

The Lesser Known Bands


Crossfade were one of the breakout bands of 2004, with their self-titled set yielding a trio of radio singles including "So Far Away," that was shouted out as having Breaking Benjamin similarities by one fan on Reddit.

"I’ve found Crossfade to bear some resemblance. I don’t like all their stuff as well as I like BB but give 'Killing Me Inside' and 'Lay Me Down' from the album We All Bleed and see what you think," suggested one commenter on Reddit. The group released a trio of albums before going on hiatus

Evans Blue

The chatter surrounding Evans Blue seemed to have one particular stipulation amongst the many who recommended the band for Breaking Benjamin fans on Reddit. That would be to start with exploring the group's earliest work with singer Kevin Matisyn when looking for a Breaking Benjamin comparison.

Indeed, their breakout hit song "Cold" has that darker feel that Breaking Benjamin seems to capture so well. Multiple posts shouted out Evans Blue while noting anything from the first two albums was the way to go.



Chicago rockers Janus popped up in several mentions for those looking for bands similar to Breaking Benjamin. One fan noted singer David Scotney's similarity to Ben Burnley's voice, while noting that anything from the group's two radio records, Red Right Return and Nox Aeris, would be worth diving into.

Sadly, after breaking through and charting with the Nox Aeris album and making some inroads at rock radio, the group split. Scotney, however, relaunched the band in 2019.


The Carbondale, Illinois rockers Revis seemed like a sure thing in the early 2000s, opening for Pearl Jam on tour while supporting their Places for Breathing album and scoring a hit single with "Caught in the Rain." But a second album never really materialized before they split and reunion attempts have never quite taken.

But their shining moment was lasting enough to spark a lot of comparisons for Breaking Benjamin fans on Reddit. "Revis is a band I highly recommend. Almost no-one has heard of them because they made one album, Places for Breathing then broke up," noted one fan. Another added, "Revis was great. Their first album felt like any other bands collection of greatest hits." Yet a third offered, "One other group that I found while looking for something like BB is the band Revis, which isn’t really the same but it’s nevertheless a great album that I can listen to as often as I do BB. Unfortunately they produced only one complete album."

Who Else?

Other name bands such as Shinedown, Sevendust, Cold and Filter were tossed out as potentially satisfying someone who loves Breaking Benjamin's music.

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Meanwhile, lesser known acts such as Poynte, Vespera, Gemini Syndrome and Trust Company also earned some mentions.

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