We've been doing it wrong all these years.

I recently came across an article in The Sun and a Veterinarian said that we should not be hugging our dog at home.

Look, after a long day at work many of us with dogs will rush home to see about our pups and often that comes with a hug.

Well, the Veterinarian said that when we hug our dogs their anxiety and stress levels increase, which can lead to your dog misbehaving after the sign of affection.


If you've ever cuddled with your dog and noticed after the hug they bark, bite, or run that is because of the stress caused by the sign of affection.

So, how are we to show our dog affection, the Veterinarian says by petting and speaking softly to the animal will reassure your dog that you love it.

The article did also mention that dogs view hugging as a form of handling and that their initial reaction is to run away as a form of defense.

Will this convince you to no longer hug your dog? Well, some on social media said this bit of information will not stop them from cuddling with their dog and many claim their pups thoroughly enjoy the hugs.


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