Why can’t we all just chill and watch a hockey game?

Fun Fact: My old buddy Stryker once asked a worker at the American Airlines Center which fanbase drank the most alcohol between Mavs and Stars fans. The worker said that it was Stars fans by a country mile. It wasn’t even close.

Now I don’t know just how much alcohol was involved in last night’s altercation between fans during the Stars' game against the Minnesota Wild. However, I do know that it was at least somewhat involved because one of the dudes was holding a beer.

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According to one of the people commenting on the video on Twitter, the altercation started because the young dude with the mullet and his girl were in someone else’s seats. Apparently, the guy with the mullet moved but kept running his mouth at the guy who made him move.

That’s when the big dude in the polo stepped in.

The dude with the mullet just kept on running his mouth, telling the big guy to step down on his level and fight him. He then proceeded to call the dude the n-word and then took a right hook to the chin, which knocked him back into the seats behind him.

He then got back up and went after the big dude, who proved to be too much for him. I have to hand it to his girl, though. She’s got a lot of fight in her.

Ultimately, the guy who hit him first is guilty of battery. But like so many of the people commenting on the video, I don’t feel the least bit sorry for the dude with the mullet.

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