A woman's fear of ghosts is keeping her from going to a friend's funeral.

A user on Reddit revealed their sister refused to go to their mutual friend's funeral "due to her fear of dead people."

"My sister and I are pretty close and we were friends with Kat. Kat recently passed away and her funeral viewing this weekend. My sister Sammy, has a fear of the dead. She strongly believes in ghosts and even has trouble with any meat due to her beliefs," the user wrote.

"I called her up and told her I can pick her up ... on Saturday since I knew she was having car trouble. She informed me she will not be going. I asked why and she told me she can’t be around a ghost. I asked if she was joking and told her she can just stand in the back but everyone is expecting her to go. We are close friends with the family," the user continued their post.

The Reddit user told Sammy that "she needs to go or she will blow up all her relationships including me," but Sammy wouldn't budge.

"She said that won’t happen and I told her that family will never forgive her and I don’t think I will either since we have known her for years. She hung up and I got a call from my mom for making her cry and being a jerk for telling her what will happen if she doesn’t go," they concluded.

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In the comments section, many readers slammed the woman for not being more considerate of her sister's fear of funerals.

"Funerals are supposed to bring comfort to those who were close to the deceased, not the other way around. Your sister has a phobia, a medical condition. Forcing her to go will only hurt her, someone who is already hurting after losing a friend. She's not going to bring any comfort to the family either if she has a breakdown at the funeral," one person commented.

"Sammy is not the only person who has issues with funerals and particularly open casket funerals. People know this and are very forgiving behind it," another wrote.

"I think she's not an a--hole, but needs therapy or something. That's an irrational fear there," someone else chimed in.

However, some agreed with the woman and argued that her sister should make more of an effort.

"You are right, and if she think that her feelings are more important than everybody else's feelings, she will indeed never have good relationships," one user wrote.

"There are such things as social obligations. Not everything in life is about you and what makes you happiest at any given moment," someone else weighed in.

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