In Galveston, Texas there is a room inside of a mansion that contains a little bit of a surprise. The interesting thing about it is not anything that's inside of it, but who once stayed there. The iconic individual wrote what would become one of the most widely recognized horror films in history. You've got to check this out.

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The Mansion On 17th In Galveston, Texas Contains Incredible Horror History

The particulars of the story can vary depending on where you get your information, but what everyone can agree on is that the master of thrills himself, Alfred Hitchcock, once stayed at the mansion. His room had a balcony and it was from that balcony that he would see something that would inspire one of his most famous works.

Matt Travel via YouTube
Matt Travel via YouTube

Some legends say he wrote it while staying there. Others say he was simply inspired by what he saw. So, what did Alfred see that was so inspiring?

Alfred Hitchcock Was Inspired By The Birds Of Galveston, Texas

Legend has it that while sitting on that balcony, Alfred Hitchcock was watching the birds perched on a wire across the street. While the specifics of what he saw aren't given, you have to think it must have been somewhat interesting considering what he later wrote.

If you haven't guessed it by now, Alfred Hitchcock was inspired to write his massively famous film "The Birds" after his trip to The Mansion on 17th in Galveston, Texas.

In case you've never seen it, "The Birds" is a horror film where birds begin attacking people in massive swarms. It's the reason why most of us shudder when we drive past a lot of birds perched anywhere. There are numerous scenes in the movie like that, and apparently, it all got started in Galveston.

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