Living in Texas is already pretty fantastic but when you add the companionship of a loyal dog to living in the lone star state you have a pretty good life. I’m not sure I will ever understand why we are so fortunate to have such loyal creatures that want to show us unconditional love all the time. But it’s such a blessing, and there are some dog breeds that always seem to be a bit more loyal which is why I wanted to talk about the most loyal dog breeds. 

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While I am a huge fan of dogs, before you ever think about getting a dog you need to realize that they are forever. You don’t get a dog for a birthday present or Christmas gift without knowing the person is going to be able to take care of them for the next 10-15 years. And please remember whatever type of breed you’re looking for I can promise there are some of those same dog breeds waiting to be adopted. So, adopt don’t shop when it comes to getting a dog. 

Loyal Dog Breeds Come in All Sizes 

It’s easy to assume that a big ol’ lazy dog is going to be the most loyal to you as they just want love and food. But there are lots of little dogs that are very loyal and almost territorial toward their owners.  

Let’s Look at the 20 Most Loyal Dog Breeds 

According to SheBudgets, here is a look at the most loyal dog breeds. But I will say before you look at this list, any dog will be loyal to you if you show it love and affection. Dogs make life better. 

The 20 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

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