Dang people, stay in your vehicle for gosh sake.

Another day, another incident of road rage in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.

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Alrighty, dearest reader, it's time to once again break down a wild video and dissect it down to the tiniest of details. Check out the video at the bottom and then let me know in the comments section if there is anything I missed.

Who ran over what?

The video opens with a fella walking from his Dodge Ram Power Wagon (dumb name) towards the vehicle the camera person is sitting in.  He's visibly upset and is claiming the driver ran over something of his that I can't quite make out.  I've listened to this twenty times and I still can't quite understand what was broken.  The lady filming, who is on the passenger side, asks the man why he left "it" in the street.


Ol' Punchy McGee over here then says, "Well why the f*ck did he run over it," and then throws an open-handed right hook which shatters the window.


"What the F is your problem?"

At this point, John Claude Van Punch gives one more inaudible warning and points menacingly at the two and walks away.  The camera woman says that the glass hit her in the face and she's bleeding.

You're going to jail, buddy

The video ends with a very clear shot of this man's license plate.  Hey, you could plainly see they were recording you, dumb*ss.  Maybe take a deep breath next time and count to 10.  If you can count that high. Boom, roasted. Check out the video for yourself:


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