Still doesn't seem real that Robin Williams is gone, but Iron Maiden will pay tribute to the late actor on their first double album.

I will never forget when I heard Robin Williams was gone. I was playing Xbox and just happened to glance at Facebook on my phone. A lot of people were posting R.I.P. Robin Williams. I thought, come on guys, these celebrity death hoaxes have got to stop. Robin Williams can't be dead.

They didn't stop though, then I Googled it and sadly the news was true. This guy was apart of my childhood for so long. 'Aladdin', 'Mrs. Doubtfire', 'Hook' and 'Jumanji' to name a few. I feel like no one saw his suicide coming and that is why it was so shocking to all of us.

Well Iron Maiden will give pay homage to Robin Williams on their 'Book of Souls' album that is due out on September 4th. Bruce Dickinson stated "My favorite song is one I didn't write. It's 'Tears of a Clown,' which talks about Robin Williams. I ask myself how could he be so depressed when he always seemed to be so happy."

Cool move by the guys in Iron Maiden in my opinion. I have tried to look up the song, but sadly all the ones online are fake. Looks like I will be waiting until September 4th to check it out. The one song we do have from the new album is 'Speed of Light'. Pretty cool music video if you haven't checked it out yet.

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