A road rage incident in Oceanside, CA went from bad to worse for the driver of an SUV when karma knocked him flat on his side.

In the video shot by Dallas Montanez and uploaded to Twitter, the driver of a BMW gets out of his vehicle to confront the driver of a SUV. The BMW driver, later identified as Kevin McCall, spit in the face of the SUV driver, Andrew Branch. Montanez told Fox 5 that she believes tensions escalated when Branch refused to let McCall over when McCall was changing lanes. Traffic on eastbound SR-78 had been backed up for an hour.

As McCall started heading back to his car, Branch pulled out onto the inside shoulder, nearly hitting McCall. After McCall was in his car, the video shows Branch intentionally turning his SUV into the BMW, but things didn't go as he intended as his wheels ran up the side of the BMW, causing his own vehicle to tip over.

Police used Montanez's video to identify the license plates of those involved. McCall was cited with misdemeanor assault for spitting in Branch's face, while Branch was arrested and charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon.

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