A new survey was conducted with 1,000 Texans to see how they actually felt about Texas things.

The University of Massachusetts-Lowell recently conducted a very interesting survey. They asked Texans things that Texans stereo-typically like in our state. I'll be honest, the majority of this survey focuses on politics. I think we have enough of that going on right now, but if you want to read the whole thing, it's right there for you.

If you scroll all the way to the end of the survey, page 18, we get into the fun stuff. Turns out the most loved stereotypical thing in Texas is...Whataburger. With an 84% favorable rating. Not too far behind though is HEB Supermarkets with an 81% favorable rating, wish we had one in Wichita Falls. Next closest is Luby's with a 60% favorable rating.

How about the most unfavorable votes? Jerry Jones leads the way with 33% of the unfavorable vote. Next up is another Dallas sports owner, Mark Cuban with 27% of the vote. The next closest is In-N-Out Burger with a 16% unfavorable rating. The most surprising to me are the ones that people never heard of. Dallas Stars captain Jamie Benn, apparently 70% of people tallied had never heard of him. Also Dallas Mavericks all star Luka Doncic, 60% of the people surveyed never heard of him.

I would love to see how this survey would turn out if Jason Garrett was still the Dallas Cowboys head coach. I have a feeling he would be leading the way.

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