For a mere $89, you can spend the night in one of Wichita Falls’ most haunted places and I ain’t feeling it.

Also on the Afternoon Buzz Rewind:

  • Colorado State University is in full-on damage control mode after a couple of metal fans were removed from a tour for looking “suspicious”
  • Billy Corgan teased the video for Smashing Pumpkins’ comeback single, “Solara”
  • Billie Joe Armstrong’s side project, The Longshot, postponed the remainder of their West Coast tour
  • Shinedown vocalist Brent Smith says their new album is a bit of a warning to the public
  • You can check out a collection of the “doodles” from Metallica’s European tour in one handy-dandy place
  • Jerry Cantrell was inspired by David Bowie when writing the new single from Alice in Chains

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