I'm very free with dirty words in real life and have been getting a little loose here (even though I try to keep it edited here). My thoughts and your thoughts on cursing after the jump.

I like to think that curse words are for those who have run out of intelligent things to say. With that said, I'm one of the worst purveyors of foul language. I use them for emphasis, I use them for humor and and I use them for shock value. Weird huh? I'm seriously hypocritical on this point (and probably a lot more). On these pages I try to slightly edit the dirty dirties for you. I cringe when I hear my daughter curse even though she is an adult. I don't like my wife to curse because I think she's an angel and angels shouldn't do such things. I enjoy it when Heathen and I compete to say the most filthy, disgusting, vomit inducing cursing that is even possible. I find cursing helps to relieve me when I'm about to bowl over. I find cursing the best way to get through to drunk assh@les (there I go again). I think little kids cursing is funny (but yeah, I know the consequences of such).

What are your thoughts on cursing? Is it a sign of the less intelligent? Do they REALLY bother you? Do you think it's okay for adults to use adult terms? I'm really interested in some general thoughts on this specific topic. Let me know what you think, or do you even give a f@ck?