How many curse words do you say during the day? Depending on your age, social situation and tons of other factors you could be avoiding swear words all together or you could be dropping the F-bomb like clouds drop raindrops (that's what clouds usually do everywhere but here).

What about on Facebook though?

Personally. I try to avoid curse words on Facebook because the truth is you never know who may be watching your account, like a future employer. Last week analyzed more than 10.5 million Facebook posts in the U.S. in order to determine which swear words people use the most.

During the three days that they were analyzing your posts the 'S-word' proved the most used, appearing in 10.5 million posts, followed by the 'F-bomb' with 9.5 million posts. 'Damn' was the third most used swear word with 6.3 million posts followed by the 'B-word' with 4.5 million posts. Finally rounding out the top five, the seemingly childlike swear word, crap with 2 million post. not only analyzed which swear words we post the most, but also split all their statistics into three different categories; gender, age and region. Plus they threw in some stats for which countries use the most swear words as well for all you international people.