I have not had Applebee's since 1998 and I never thought I would step foot in that restaurant again in my life.

I want to state this right at the beginning. This is in no way associated with the Applebee's in Wichita Falls, in fact not any Applebee's in Texas, but I'm about to talk about my previous Applebee's experiences. Sometime in the mid 90s growing up in Maryland, my town got an Applebee's. Being a suburban white family a new chain restaurant coming to town mean meant we HAD to try it.

Everyone always asks, what did I get it? I honestly can't remember, all I remember is being the sickest I have ever been in my life. I'm talking vomiting and also looking like Jeff Daniels in Dumb and Dumber on the toilet. IT WAS BAD.


Fast forward to sometime in 1998, we're visiting my family in Illinois and the topic of what's for dinner came up. Someone had coupons for Applebee's, this meant we were eating there. I'm telling you right now, if someone in my family had a coupon for a NICKEL off a meal that meant we were using that coupon. So I give Applebee's another shot. I will swear on a bible that the SAME THING happened, only longer.

This time it was more hours in the bathroom. At one point my parents honestly thought about taking me to the hospital because it wouldn't stop. Alas, I survived and from that day forward I swore off Applebee's FOREVER.


This honestly sucked only in college. Do you have any idea how cheap Applebee's is during happy hour? They have dollar drinks and half price apps. At Midwestern State University I had SO MANY people wanting me to meet them there. I honestly didn't feel comfortable ordering a beer there because of the other times there.

So I get out of college and I think that I will never try Applebee's again. Until last week, something caught my attention. The following commercial.

Flamin' Hot Cheetos Wings ONLY at Applebee's. Anybody that knows me knows I am on a very strict diet. Cheetos are my weakness. If I could a family size bag every day without putting on weight I absolutely would. So you're telling me, that Cheetos wings exist? Yes I am trying them, EVEN if it's at Applebee's.

So yesterday I got them from our Wichita Falls Applebee's and you know what? They were good, they're exactly what you expect. Boneless wings with Cheetos dust on top them. Who doesn't love that dust? Scooping that out of the bag at the end, is HEAVEN.


So is Applebee's off of my banned list?...for now. I'm writing this the next day and I think we're in the clear. By the way, to ANY restaurant that has Cheetos as a part of the meal mixed in, you 100% have my money. Bring me everything Cheetos!

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