Everyone complains about traffic laws when they get caught running a red light or going 50 in a 30, but just how easy do Texans have it with driving laws?

For what its worth, Texas is actually one of the least stringent states when it comes to driving laws. While that allows Texans to drive at a greater speed on the highways, it does mean the state isn't as strict when it comes to thing like child passenger safety and cell phone use while driving.

James McCrea from YourMechanic.com compiled data using laws from across the country to rank each state on how strict, and lenient, they are on topics including:

Drunk driving
Cell phone use
Child safety
Seat belts
Speed limits
Speed cameras
Novice drivers

Each state is given a point value in every category for the laws and punishments they have on the books for the aforementioned criteria, and then the total points will determine their overall placement. In the end, Texas came in as the 42nd strictest state for driving laws.

Again, that allows a bit of freedom for Texans, but does beg the question of where Texas needs to tighten up on traffic laws for the safety of its drivers.

For the following categories, Texas ranked...

Drunk Driving Laws - 19th strictest
Cell Phone Safety - 31st strictest
Child Passengers - 34th strictest
Seat Belt Laws - 7th strictest
Speed Limits - 49th strictest
Speed Cameras - Tied for 42nd strictest (This is last place due to the number of ties)
Novice Driver Laws - 28th strictest
Bicycle Helmet Laws - Tied for 21st strictest (This is last place due to the number of ties)

So while Texas takes seat belt laws seriously, it falls closer to the back of the pack with cell phones, speed cameras, and child passenger laws. You can see the full breakdown of how each state was ranked in each category HERE.

What driving laws do you think Texas should be putting more of a foot down on? Let us know in the comments!

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