The debate on Climate Change aside, there's no denying that its getting hotter and for longer each year. But how much hotter is Wichita Falls than when you were born?

The New York Times released a chart generator that shows you how many days any given city would experience temps above 90 degrees the year you were born and compare it to how many days it was over 90 degrees last year, and when you're 80.

Using my birth year of 1981 as an example, Wichita Falls had 98 days of temperatures over 90 degree. As of 2017, Fallstown was up to 107 days over 90 degrees. If this trend continues, its expected that by 2061, Wichita Falls will have around 130 days, over one-third of the year, exceeding 90 degrees.

NY Times
NY Times

As bad as it sounds to have one-third of the year breaking the 90 degree mark, other places in the country are far worse. For the same time points in Phoenix, AZ (my current home), they went from 154 days in 1981, 168 in 2017, and an expected 182 days in 2061. Yes, half the year above 90 degrees. We hate it, but the Canadian snow-birds seem to love it.

So how has your town's temperatures changed in the time you've been alive?

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