Do you treat your pet like a little person? If so, know you are in the vast majority of pet owners here in Texas. 

According to a study conducted by Oodle Life, 85% of Texans admit to giving their pets special treatment during the holidays. 

I’m damn sure guilty of it. Our cats are kind of like little kiddos to us. So, of course, we treat them to a little extra spoiling around Christmas time.

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For instance:

Johnny Thrash
Johnny Thrash

But should we treat our pets like ‘little humans?’ The experts at Oodle Life say the answer is ‘no.’ 

Here’s what Oodle Life Founder and CEO Chris Allen had to say about it: 

They’re always on your side, they keep you company when you’re feeling sad or lonely, and they bring endless joy with their loyalty and adorable behavior. However, as much as we love them, it’s important to remember that they’re not actually human, and they shouldn’t be treated as such.

Fair enough. But to what extent are we talking about here? 

Buying them presents for Christmas is totally fine. We always at least buy our cats some treats for Christmas, and we usually get them a new toy. The toy is perfectly fine, it’s the treats that we have to be careful with. 

Many people feed their pets more around the holidays, giving them leftovers from Christmas dinner, which can lead to obesity and malnutrition. 

Experts also warn against dressing your pets in a Christmas sweater as it can impede the pet’s ability to regulate its body temperature. I’ve never tried to put a sweater on any of our cats, but I can’t see them being fond of it. 

So, maybe back off of the special treatment a little bit this year. Because it’s not like your pet really gives a damn whether it’s Christmas or not.

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