Here’s a great way to teach a thief a lesson. 

A video is going viral on TikTok of a Houston small business owner confronting a shoplifter on the bus. Erotic Cabaret owner, Sophia Romo, said employees told her that a lady was shoplifting from the store on Sunday (August 21), according to WFAA. 

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Romo followed the alleged shoplifter to the bus and immediately boarded behind her. That’s when she started videoing the confrontation.  

The woman, who was clearly uncomfortable during the confrontation, told Romo that she would pay for the items when she got to her house. Along the way, Romo decided to take a look inside her purse and that’s when she discovered the stolen items. 

However, it doesn’t look like she had much of a chance to pay for the items, because the video shows officers with the Houston Police Department putting her in handcuffs after she exited the bus. 

Romo says stealing from her business is no different than stealing from her house: 

I was pissed yeah. It's literally like stealing from my house. How would you feel if someone went into your house and took $600 worth of stuff?

Stealing has become a big problem at the store. Romo says people steal from there every day, which is why they’re so fed up with it. The video has racked up nearly one million views as of this posting, so the message is getting out that this is one store owner you do not want to steal from.

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