Congratulations are definitely in order for the eleven-year coach of Hirschi high school. 

Donald Hedge had no idea what was coming after his win at Kay Yeager Coliseum this past weekend. The Hirschi Huskies defeated the Oklahoma City Storm 70-46 in the Wichita Falls Classic. Hedge was not told he was coaching for his 200th victory and many were keeping it quiet until it happened.

Since taking over in 2005, Hedge has turned that program around. Putting an emphasis on defense has been a key and other teams have taken notice of Hedge the past eleven years. "Nobody's teams play any better defense than Donald's (teams)," Burkburnett head coach Danny Nix said after his team beat the Wichita Falls Coyotes at the WF Classic Saturday.

Hedge told the Times Record News about his 200th win, "I had no clue, I'm just trying to win the next one," he said. "We try to play like that all the time with that type of intensity and focus defensively. I thought last night (in a loss to Dallas Carter) we played that way, too, we were just lost offensively. We played with a lot more energy on the defensive end, but that's what we try to do all the time.'

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