"If you want to see somebody get their ass whooped, give me a hell yeah!" Steve Austin.

The attitude era of the WWF, yeah back when it still had the F in it. I miss this era of wrestling. WCW and WWF going head to head. Actually competing with each other for ratings every week. In case you missed it, on the Thrashman Chronicles we actually talked about wrestling for awhile a few weeks ago. Fast forward to the three minute mark to get to the wrestling.

All I know about this clip is it is from a video game tournament called Community Effort Orlando (CEO for short). Where the people playing the video game are actually in a wrestling ring. Well this guy decided to walk into the ring as one of the coolest ring entrances ever, Stone Cold Steve Austin. He does everything, the music, flipping off the crowd, even catching the beer and chugging them. I think his were energy drinks though, still, it's the best video game tournament entrance I have ever seen.

Check Out the Stone Cold Entrance Below: