Mainly the styles we're going to talk about, will be the rock ones. However, this guy is super talented and you should definitely check out all of them. 

I believe the guy know as Ten Second Songs on YouTube, has been on the Buzz before. If you haven't checked him out yet. He covers pop songs, but does them in a bunch of different styles. If you're unaware of the Taylor Swift song 'Bad Blood', good for you. I do some work for our sister station 929 NIN, so I am very aware of this song.

Well Ten Seconds Songs covered this as many different artists and I definitely suggest watching the whole video. If you only care about the rock. Style five is Def Leppard, style 7 is Sepultura, style nine Black Sabbath, style thirteen Disturbed, and finally style sixteen Pearl Jam. Some other good ones in there were Chef from South Park and Tiny Tim.

Check Out Ten Second Songs Covers of Bad Blood Below: