Green Day have donated $2,000 to cover the damages left by a raucous hardcore punk show put on at a California Denny's restaurant. Long Beach powerviolence act Wacko played inside the Santa Ana Denny's on Dec. 14.

But after the audience's lively involvement resulted in over $1,000 in damages, the 17-year-old promoter behind the so-called "Grand Slam" gig, Bryson Del Valle, was left to foot the bill. Those losses prompted both he and the band to launch separate GoFundMe fundraisers. Billboard, Newsweek and Time have since covered the incident.

Thankfully, that national coverage has led to a slew of donations to both fundraisers. The most substantial contribution, however, was made to Del Valle's fundraiser by none other than fellow California punkers Green Day.

"Hey Bryson call us!" the group added alongside their significant donation last week. "We wanna play the Bastards Club. Love, Green Day." Bastards Club is the name of Del Valle's skateboarding and concert promotion concern.

That should leave Del Valle in the clear. The restaurant's management demanded he cough up "$1,800 for damage and that I had to pay it through cashiers check or money order," the young promoter told Billboard. "I don't even know what a money order is."

Earlier, the restaurant had estimated the damages at "probably about $500." At that time, management photocopied Del Valle's driver's license and told him to call back in a few days to learn the full bill of amends. It was then that Wacko first launched their fundraiser for double that amount.

The entire scene recalled the time Houston's Live Without rocked a Denny's in their area back in 2013, a performance which resulted in the "What the Fuck Is Up Denny's" meme. However, a spokesperson for Denny's told Billboard that location had already closed and was not a functioning restaurant at the time. Supposedly, Del Valle's California punk show was the first that such a performance had launched inside an active Denny's.

See a screenshot of Green Day's donation and watch the full Wacko gig below.

Wacko - Live at Denny's in Santa Ana, Calif. (Dec. 14, 2019)

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