Harm’s Way vocalist James Pligge has become the next great meme of brutal music, thanks to his vicious ‘Running Man’ dance during a performance of “Infestation.” Of course, the Internet took the clip and ran with it, so here’s a collection of the tastiest Harm’s Way memes.

hate5six constantly uploads some of YouTube’s highest quality shows, both visually and audibly. Since the ‘Running Man’ meme, the channel’s July 2019 set from Harm’s Way has reached nearly a million views, with the comments section flooded with timecode memes.

Here’s the original moment of glory:

The combination of Pligge’s gargantuan frame and a Philly hardcore show mixed with a very non-tough-guy dance is everything meme culture has ever dreamt of.

It all started with the video being overdubbed with ShaniaTwain's classic "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!"

From there, the meme snowball could not be stopped.

In response, the greater meme-verse has created countless clips of music overdubbing the Harm’s Way show.

Beyond Twitter and YouTube, an entire Facebook page called Harm’s Way Running Man to Various Songs has emerged, which has over 81,000 likes and 93,000 followers.

Harm’s Way Running Man to Various Songs has already been submitted to Know Your Meme and is currently being researched and evaluated, though it’d be a massive surprise if it wasn’t certified as a 100-percent bonafide meme.

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