Ever wish you could anonymously send someone a big, stinking box of feces without getting caught? Of course you have! And now there's an online service that can do it for you.

Whether it's your boss, your high school bully or even a family member that you just can't stand, why not send them a big ole box of number 2 for the holidays?

A new website named ShitExpress.com, have set up one of the most amazing services ever. You can order a big box of doo-doo to be dropped off anywhere in the world and the best part is no one will know that you sent it.

First, you pick which animal dropping you prefer to be delivered (they don't do human poo, at least not yet).

Second, give them the address you wish the package to be dropped off at.

Third, pick your packaging. You can pick from several options including a traditional brown box or even a gift wrapped present, the choice is yours! You can even add a little letter if you want, although there is a chance it could ruin the secrecy.

Finally, and this is what makes the service so great, you pay using Bitcoins, which if you didn't know, are untraceable, so nobody will be able to look up who just sent them a box filled with animal excrement.

So there you go. The perfect holiday gift for that person you just can't stand.

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