When Gene Simmons was recently asked if he had any New Year's resolutions, the KISS bassist and co-vocalist noted a number of areas in which he'd like to grow.

That includes amassing more wealth, though Simmons said last year he already makes money at an Olympic level. But for 2022, the rock star known as KISS' "Demon" also wants to become a better person overall, and he spoke of extending compassion and charity to all in an interview with the Toronto Sun last month.

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"I'd like to be a kinder, better-looking and richer guy," Simmons responded. "Not all of that is going to happen, but I can certainly become a better person. I can be kinder, give more to philanthropy and reach out — even to people I disagree with completely."

The rocker added, "We all live on this planet and you’re not going to be able to change everybody's mind and that's OK. Agree to disagree."

Elaborating on his immediate plans for New Year's Eve, Simmons talked about spending some time with his family before pointing to the politics surrounding the safety precautions amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I'll be with my family, my wife and our two kids, Nick and Sophie," the musician and storied businessman said. "We are the luckiest people in the world — people in western civilization. Imagine trying to disagree with the Chinese government about the CDC guidelines. They'd shoot you in the back of the head … The miracle of democracy is it even allows morons to threaten to dangerously infect the rest of us."

In an interview last year, Simmons flatly remarked, "I'm not worried — and it's unkind to say this — I'm not worried if an idiot gets COVID and dies. I'm worried he takes other people with him, who didn't have a choice."

Earlier in December, Foo Fighters brought Simmons out onstage when they played Las Vegas, and the KISS icon humorously handed Dave Grohl a cash tip. There, the Foos "royally rocked the house," Simmons later remarked. "I can't say enough about their commitment and authenticity to the fans," he added.

KISS last year wrapped up a U.S. leg of their End of the Road tour but concerts were affected when Simmons and bandmate Paul Stanley both tested positive for COVID. A KISS Las Vegas residency to carry into the new year has been put on the back burner for now.

Gene Simmons Talks to the Toronto Sun - Dec. 29, 2021

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