Fuel's reunion with original vocalist Brett Scallions wasn't one of the biggest stories of 2010, but maybe it should've been.

The band was hot as a pistol when they released Sunburn back in 1998. 'Shimmer', 'Jesus or a Gun' and 'Bittersweet' were all released as singles. All three songs did well at the time and continue to get airplay to this day.

After the release of their sophomore album, Something Like Human, Fuel scored a Number 1 hit with 'Hemorrhage (In My Hands)' but were never able to recapture the glory on later releases.

One thing led to another and the band parted ways with Scallions after the release of their third album, Natural Selection.

After a short stint with Toryn Green on vocals, Scallions returned to the fold and in March of 2012, Fuel returned to the studio to record the new album, Puppet Strings. The record will finally see the light of day on March 4 and if the first single from the disc, 'Soul to Preach To', is any indication of what is to come, fans of the band can expect to be pleased when Puppet Strings arrives.

Now listen to 'Soul to Preach To' at maximum volume and tell us whether we should crank it or yank it!

Fuel - 'Soul to Preach To'