Buzzheads gotta agree, getting to hang with 'the band' is pretty damn cool. Getting to interview the band, you tend to get a different side of the gig than you normally would. Every now and again, you meet some people that you just click with. When I sat down with Feel Never Real this week, all of us found out we have a little more in common than we thought. 

Straight out of the thriving heart of Texas, Dallas area band Feel Never Real makes the trip to come hang out. Tim, Matt, and Shea make up the trio, with another casualty this week. Shea was under the weather and couldn't make it. These boys originally hail the big city of Paris, Texas and it didn't take them long to need more room to run.

Jamming together for +8 years and counting, FNR is more than on their way somewhere. Where exactly that is, hell who knows. With tour dates all over the country very soon, who knows where they will land at. I do know this, these good ol' boys are the real deal and they bring it to the table with their tunes.

I was also reminded on how small this crazy world can be. I made a mutual friend, from Paris also, when I moved to Wichita Falls that knew all three and grew up with them. One thing I can say about people from Paris, is there must be something in the water that keeps them level headed and down to earth. Tim and Matt were as humble as could be and just a fucking blast to talk to!

Check out the FNR Sessions below and get the lowdown on "VS. Sea Of Disease". You can also check out the HomeBrew tracks, "Drunkstar Anthem" and "Come Too Far". Find a way to check out the rest of the album, these guys rock it hard for a 3 piece!

FNR Part 1.

FNR Part 2.

"Drunkstar Anthem"

"Come Too Far"


Again thanks to the lovely and talented j-wood photography for all the great shots. Were looking for a few good bands here on HomeBrew, get at me on the application page.


Next weeks flavor on HomeBrew: One Red Martian \m/