Of all the days to be the funny guy wearing that shirt, he picked the day he runs into Rex Ryan.

NFL training camp is under way and many NFL fans decide to go take part in the fun. Well after training camp ended for the Jets on Saturday Rex Ryan decided to go take in the nightlife in Cortland,New York. Well one fan spotted him down the street and knew he had to get a picture with him. Unfortunately he did not know how the New York Jets head coach would take his attire.

Joseph Grinwis was wearing a shirt that says "This Team Makes Me Drink" with a Jets logo on top of it. Upon Rex Ryan seeing the shirt, “He looked at it and laughed,” Ginwis said. “He didn’t make a comment. He just laughed.” If I was a Jets after the now infamous "Buttfumble" play I would probably be a heavy drinker as well.