America is seen as a land of opportunity by many, a land of evil by some and a dumping ground by others.  We have enjoyed the best food supply lines, the best medical care and the highest quality of living for generations.  The poorest among us are wealthier than 75% of the rest of the planet.  America truly is exceptional on many, many levels.

But we have to draw lines somewhere.  The Ebola crisis that is spreading like wildfire across West Africa has now begun to creep its way into the United States.  It will take aggressive measures to ensure this does not become a world-wide pandemic.  It cannot be allowed to ravage the U.S.  This isn't fear mongering or yelling 'fire!' in a crowded theater.  We must enact common-sense policies-things we should have been engaging in long ago.  Could a terrorist use Ebola against us?  Would they?  Why would they not?  Any deranged individual who would blow themselves up or otherwise risk their life just to try and take yours certainly would not balk at the prospect of deliberately becoming infected with Ebola just to spread it to as many as possible before they die.  It's a terrifying bio weapon.  Right now, the virus is not thought to be airborne, but it's a mutation that even the CDC now admits is possible, though not likely.  Given the fact that it is, at least for now, a guaranteed death sentence, isn't an over abundance of caution warranted?

From the Daily Dose:

The DoD predicts the number of Ebola cases worldwide to be 1.4 million by the end of the year, with a 62% mortality rate. We have already seen how the United States is seen across the globe as the best treatment option for those who believe they may have been infected and that they will not hesitate to beat a path to our door.

Our political leadership has shown a less-than-willing attitude when it comes to taking the necessary steps to prevent this hideous and currently incurable disease from sweeping over America like a wave.  Is Washington taking this as seriously as they should?  If Ebola explodes into our part of the world as it has in West Africa, it will decimate our economy.  Quarantine, isolation, unprecedented border control and aggressive medical research and testing will be our best defensive and offensive plans.

First and foremost, we MUST have strict and effective border security both north and south as well as aggressive scrutiny of all cargo entering the US from foreign nations.  The cost of taking these steps will pale in comparison to the costs of NOT taking them.  Let's light a fire under congress NOW!  Let's contact our Representatives and Senators and demand action to protect our nations safety and security.

Rep. Mac Thornberry-Amarillo office:(806) 371-8844; Wichita Falls office-(940) 692-1700; Washington office-(202) 225-3706

Sen John Cornyn-Dallas office-972-239-1310; Washington DC office-202-224-2934

Sen Ted Cruz-Dallas office-(214) 599-8749; Washington DC office-(202) 224-5922

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