I swear to God I cannot believe people are this stupid.

Something we post every week is Texoma's Most Wanted, it's a list of the most wanted fugitives in our area. Crimestoppers will actually give you a reward if you give a tip that leads to the arrest of any of those individuals in town. I will put the one from last week at the bottom of the post if you want to see if you recognize anybody.

So, posts like these happen in every part of the country every week. Over in Rockdale County, Georgia. The local Sheriff's Office put up their Top Ten Most Wanted List.

Nothing out of the ordinary with the post, but scroll through the comments on there. You will find one from a Christopher Sapulding saying, "How about me". The Sherriff's Office commented, "Christopher Spaulding you are correct you have two warrants, we are on the way."

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NO F***ING WAY THAT JUST HAPPENED! They were not kidding, they later showed a picture of Christopher in handcuffs.

I guess this dude wanted his picture in the top ten for the week and he was mad he didn't make the cut. Since all the guys in the top ten had more severe charges they had made the post. Christopher was just wanted for some probation violations and not anything like assault, kidnapping, or robbery.

However, if you have active warrants for your arrest, ANY police department will gladly come get you. So Christopher, if you wanted attention, you got it my man.

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