This was a fake video? Shocking, hate to say I called this one a few days ago.

One of the biggest viral videos of last week was Drunk Girl in Public. Basically a girl is walking around a city pretending to be drunk and people filmed the reactions to people in the city. Basically what I took away from the video, guys prey on drunk girls. Seriously, how could you not watch that video and come away with that opinion?

If you have super feminist friends on Facebook they went nuts with this video. Saying stuff like, "See ladies guys are just trying to rape you when you get drunk." I honestly thought this video had to be fake the first time I saw it, turns out I was right. All of the guys in the video were actors and did not know what the video was promoting. This news came out and people said the actors should have know better.

The actual 'drunk girl' has finally come out with a statement on the situation. Apparently the actors thought they were filming skits for a prank show. Jennifo Box says that the male actors were nothing but gentleman. She goes onto say she was actually sorry for filming the entire thing. So a quick shout out to all those women that were crucifying guys after this video came out, for shame on you.

Check Out Drunk Girl in Public's Statement Below: