A friend of mine is in town and has introduced me to a slew of videos on YouTube by a woman who does a weekly segment called My Drunk Kitchen. Given that I’ve been known to imbibe a little myself and get hungry in the process, it’s full of important lessons on what you should or should not do when you’ve had a few too many.

Not that any of us would ever have too many.

Hanna Hart understands that when we’ve had too much to drink, pretty much anything tastes good, and in the episode below she’s making grilled cheese. Personally I find Taco Bell much more appealing after a night of debauchery, but each person has their own tastes.

Unfortunately for Hanna, she got half way through her cooking lesson only to realize that she’s without cheese, which makes for a rather boring grilled cheese sandwich. When you’re drunk it doesn’t really matter, though, and she eats her hot sourdough bread anyway.

What kind of concoctions have you come up with after drinking? Have you ever realized you’re a cooking genius, only to fail at the same recipe when sober?