Wait, it already doesn't hold that title?

Turns out Texas does not have an official drink. Only 27 states actually do have an official drink and 20 of those states say their official drink is milk. Texas would become the second state to have an official state soft drink. Kentucky is the only other one currently with something called Ale-8-One, I've never heard of it.

Dr. Pepper are the ones trying to make this happen. They have put up a petition at Change.org to try and make it happen. As of this post, they have over seven thousand signatures. They're aiming for ten thousand before they do an official petition. If this happens, Dr. Pepper will release limited edition bottles celebrating Texas heritage that will only be available in our state.

Dr. Pepper is the oldest major soft drink brand here in the United States. They have been going strong since 1885 over in Waco, Texas. I think it would be pretty cool if this happens. So sign that petition and we will see if it becomes official.

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