Doritos stuffed with queso cheese, I want to try them, but I know I would feel terrible after I do so.

7-11 plans on coming out with a brand new snack that is sure to have stoners everywhere having the munchies. Doritos Loaded is not across the country yet, but they are in a few select Washington D.C. locations. One lucky guy tweeted out these photos and decided to try some.

It seems a lot like a mozzarella cheese stick that is flavored like a Dorito. No word on when we will be getting these in Texas. So go to 7-11 get you a big bag of Doritos and some Doritos Loaded when they come out. Then drive to Taco Bell and get a Doritos Locos taco, so you can just put yourself into a Doritos coma.

Check Out Doritos Loaded Below: