Donald Trump was in the market to buy a football team and he almost bought America's team.

This week is the anniversary of Jerry Jones buying the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry is both loved and hated by Cowboys fans around the world. Turns out if you take a look at the history of the Cowboys, they almost had a different owner. Back in 1984, five years before Jerry bought the team, Donald Trump almost bought the Dallas Cowboys.

At the time, the Cowboys were worth 50 million dollars. Trump didn't think it was a good deal and decided to invest in the new USFL and purchased the New Jersey Generals. As we all know, the USFL didn't last and the Cowboys would go on to become the most profitable sports franchise of all time. Currently worth 4.8 billion dollars.

Now Trump did get a football team for much less than the Cowboys, he purchased the Generals for ten million dollars. He expected much more room for profits with the cheaper purchase. Things didn't work out for the USFL, but looking back on Trump's quotes are pretty funny in hindsight.

"I feel sorry for the poor guy who is going to buy the Dallas Cowboys," Trump said. "It's a no-win situation for him, because if he wins, well, so what, they've won through the years, and if he loses, which seems likely because they're having troubles, he'll be known to the world as a loser."

Jerry Jones has made a 3,328 percent return on investment during his 29 years as the owner.

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