We don't know exactly when Dirk will call it a day, but Doc Rivers didn't want to miss his opportunity to say goodbye.

Dirk has said in the past that he didn't want to be one of these athletes that go on a farewell tour in his final season. Many believe this will be his final season, even though he has not made an official announcement and he doesn't plan to until this offseason. Without a doubt, Dirk will go down as the greatest Dallas Maverick of all time. In my opinion, one of the greatest players to play for any Dallas team ever.

Looks like Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers wanted to give it up for the future Hall of Famer in what could be his final game against the Clippers. Doc grabbed the PA microphone and told everyone, 'Let's go...give it up for the greatest of all time Dirk Nowitzki'. The crowd cheered and gave Dirk a standing ovation.

It's gonna be sad when Dirk hangs it up. Unlike my other favorite Dallas athletes of all time (Emmitt Smith and Mike Modano) Dirk only played in Dallas. Yes, he was drafted by Milwaukee, but he never actually played a game for them. Dirk is a legend and I would suggest going to a game in the next few weeks to see him before he hangs that jersey up.

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