You mean to tell me I will be surrounded by people holding iPads up at movie theater screen to get more immersed in the experience? Nothing could possibly go wrong with this idea.

When Disney re-releases The Little Mermaid on September 13th, they want to remind you to not leave that iPad at home. Specifically, they're inviting you to be part of Ariel's world with their own app -- Disney Second Screen Live -- designed to let viewers interact with the film.

The app will lead sing-alongs with the film's soundtrack, games based on events in the film, behind the scenes information, and a competitive element played against fellow theater-goers. The app is free, but perhaps due to Disney's close relationship with Apple, Android tablets are not supported.

Disney is rolling it out slowly -- only 16 theaters nationwide will take part in the Second Screen Live experiment -- but it's still a radical departure from most theaters' policies, which urge viewers to silence or turn off their mobile devices before a film starts since the bright light from the screens is particularly distracting in a darkened theater.

I pray that this idea does not take off. As a DVD feature it is a good idea for the kids to be connected at home, not at the theater.

Check Out Disney's Second Screen Live Below: