Dirty Honey released an ambitious video for their track “Another Last Time,” which appears on their self-titled debut album, which was launched last year.

The rolling-shot promo follows multiple plot lines around frontman Marc LaBelle and his colleagues as several characters deal with toxic elements of their lives in a motel setting. It features actor Derek Phillips from TV series Friday Night Lights, actress Christiana Lucas from 2013 movie The Last Stand, plus TikTok stars Elizabeth Marochok and Emma Jade.

You can watch the video below.

“The song’s lyrics tell the story of a toxic relationship you can’t seem to get out of, and you keep going back for more,” LaBelle said in a statement. “But it’s as much a song about any addiction or compulsion, anything you just can’t kick – drugs, money, danger, whatever. Shooting the video the way we did presented a real challenge, but I think that when you take on doing something special like this and you succeed, you come out with something really great.”

Director Scott Fleishman added: “Every sequence was planned and timed out to the second and rehearsed multiple times. Everything had to be in sync... particularly when the camera emerged from one of the motel rooms to find Marc on the walkway singing the song’s lyrics. It took us about 12 hours to shoot this video, and we probably did a total of 40 or so takes to get it all right.”

Dirty Honey are currently part of the Young Guns tour, a double-header alongside Mammoth WVH.

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