If you have got the need for speed, you may want to head down south to check out the original F-14 Tomcat Jet.

I am fully prepared for everyone to judge me for this, but...I have never sat down and watched 'Top Gun' from beginning to end. Throughout my life, I have seen every scene at some point. Just never did it in one sitting. You people that grew up in the 80's have your pitchforks ready for me don't you?


Well if you love this movie, you're probably excited for the new movie coming out this weekend. Not gonna lie, the flight scenes they have showed thus far look absolutely amazing. However, if you like the original movie, over in Corpus Christi one of the Tomcats from the film is hanging out aboard the USS Lexington.

This particular jet was used to capture the air combat footage back in the 80's. It now has the call sign (Maverick) and Lieutenant Mitchell's name on it. The jet is usually at the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola, Florida. It is on a tour right now to promote the new movie.


I think I just got to sit down and watch it one sitting this weekend. Then go see the new movie. Fun fact about the original Top Gun movie, recruitment for the Navy went up 500% after it's release. I think this movie is going to put that aerial combat to shame, so we will see if today's generation wants to be a pilot. Hopefully 'Danger Zone' is played at some point in the movie.

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