He's back in the headlines and maybe this time they can catch him. The elusive Bigfoot has once again been caught on tape. Well, not an actual video of one but you can hear what may or may not be a Bigfoot.

In the Blue Mountains of Oregon, which has been a Bigfoot hotspot for years, professional Bigfoot researchers have recorded the sounds of Bigfoot and they say he is out there. Local residents have reported hearing strange cries in the woods since November so is this really the elusive Sasquatch? Some say yes, others think it might just be a some of the local foxes.

"Well, first, it's more than one. Remember it's not bigfoot, it's bigfoots. There's a misconception out there that we're looking around for this one thing," said Matt Moneymaker, a bigfoot hunter.

One theory you hear in the video is that it may be a baby Bigfoot crying out for it's lost mother. Wouldn't that be the cutest thing ever if they manage to find it?