So is Oklahoma aware of something I am not?

Are you a believer in Bigfoot? I will tell you who is, Oklahoma Representative Justin Humphrey. He filed a bill, yes, government time was actually spent to file a bill for the Oklahoma Wildlife Commission to establish a Bigfoot hunting season. Justin represents an area of Oklahoma that is home to an actual Bigfoot Festival every year.

Yes, Honobia, Oklahoma, has a Bigfoot Festival every year. Last year's event was cancelled due to Covid. Apparently, many Bigfoot sightings have happened in the area, so why not have a festival? Who knows, he may just show up. Don't want to miss out on your own party.

Justin is upping the ante on Bigfoot now. We're gonna get this S.O.B. if Justin's bill passes. "The Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission shall promulgate rules establishing a Bigfoot hunting season. The Commission shall set annual season dates and create any necessary specific hunting licenses and fees". You can read the bill here.If passed the bill would be effective November 1, 2021. I guess we will wait and see if this thing actually passes.

I can't imagine that type of people a Bigfoot hunt would actually attract. Also, you better be damn sure you got a Bigfoot in your sights and not just some really hairy tall guy who's stumbling around the Oklahoma woods. All I am saying is, be careful walking around shirtless in Oklahoma if this passes.

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