Weight loss is no easy task and this guy needed some motivation. Look no further than Pro Bowl Wide Reciever Dez Bryant. 

Matthew Sistrunk of Frisco, Texas was overweight and he set a goal to lose 100 pounds. He put on Twitter, if he loses a 100 pounds, could he get a signed jersey from Dez and Tony Romo. I have no word on whether he got those jerseys, but Matthew did lose the weight. He actually says he lost around 400 pounds. Holy crap man! For real, that is impressive.

Recently Matthew took in a practice at The Star over in Frisco. He made a sign saying, "Dez inspired me to lose 400 pounds.' Dez came over after practice, shook his hand and give him a pair of signed gloves. No jersey, but still pretty badass. Dez Bryant tweeted these photos out of Matthew so he knows how to get in contact with him. Hopefully he gets that jersey to him.

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