Come on man, are you six years old?

Fan interference is never a good thing in sports. The only thing you should do as a fan at an NFL game is stand up and be as loud as you possibly can when your team is on defense. One lions fan decided to be a jerk and bring a laser pointer to the game and shine it in the Bills kickers eyes during field goal attempts. Here is why the guy is just stupid, he probably would have gotten away with it. If he would not have bragged about it on Twitter.

Our guest behavior expectations for all Ford Field events are very high,” Lions team president Tom Lewand said. “Additionally, this occurrence was unique in that it could have affected the integrity of the game and more importantly could have jeopardized player safety." The fan Marko Beslach has since been banned from any event at Ford Field for life.

All agencies involved in the investigation of this incident did an exemplary job bringing this issue to an appropriate conclusion,” Lewand said. “Our priority is to provide an enjoyable and safe environment for all our patrons at Ford Field,” Lewand continued. “The overwhelming majority of our guests are exceptional and we applaud their behavior and support.”



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