Dead Sara have released a new video for their single “We Are What You Say,” and it's composed almost entirely of fan-submitted photos. One of the year's biggest breakout bands, they've also signed on to tour with Muse, though no dates in Texas are on the lineup.

Emily Armstrong, singer of Dead Sara, says that she loves playing for a crowd:

When the crowd is there, it just makes it so much better. When they're there for you, and you could feel the energy, it's great, and it's like this euphoric type of feeling and sense that you're just not really there, but you are, in like the highest state you can possibly be. As a person, it just feels so good and you just want it to last forever.

Following up their single “Weatherman” is their newest release, “We Are What You Say,” which can be seen below. The band compiled photos from fans, some with lyrics written on them, some with Armstrong and others in the band, and the video also sprinkles in some shots of the band playing live.